Believe Protein Flavor Pack - 75 Servings

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Believe Protein Flavor Pack 

Flavors for shakes, yogurt, recipes.

  • Sweetened with Stevia
  • No Gluten
  • No lactose
  • No sugar
  • No dye
  • Bring some colors in your Life!

With flavors & protein now sold apart, you’re finally in control. No longer do you have to commit to only one flavor when you buy a protein tub… Now you can switch flavor every day, sweet it the way you like and spice up your favorite protein recipes or your boring oatmeal in the morning! Try it in you greek yogurt, pancakes or other favorite recipes! 

How does this works?

This new innovation is quite simple: You are now in control of how sweet your protein powder taste. This product is pure flavoring so all you have to do is pour some unflavored protein in your shaker and then add as much flavoring as you want to it depending on how sweet you like it. Most people will use between (1/2 scoop) to ( 1 1/2 scoop) of flavoring per scoop of protein. For those of you who like to do green smoothies or fruit smoothies, you could also use your unflavored protein if you don’t want to affect the natural flavoring of fruits and veggies. The options are endless!

Is this product Vegan-Friendly?

Our Flavor Packs are all vegan-friendly expect for the Orange Creamsicle which contains a little bit of lactose.

Is this Sugar Free?

Yes. Our Flavor Packs are all sweetened with either sucralose or stevia and there is no added sugar. The reason why we can’t add the sugar-free badge on our products is that they are over 4 calories and according to the food regulations in Canada we’re not allowed to use the sugar-free allegation.

When should I take it?

Either mixed with your protein shake, your carbs powder or with your favorite recipes at any moment during the day.

What’s the recommended dosage?

Most people will use between (1/2 scoop) to ( 1 1/2 scoop) of flavoring per scoop of protein but there is no recommended dosage since this is considered as a “Food Product” instead of a Natural Health Products like all our other products

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Absolutely in love with this product and in love with your incredible customers service.


J’ai essayé saveur crème glacée vanille et chocolat fudge , saveur riche et délicieuse. Parfait pour les protéines sans saveurs . Je vous le recommande 😍